Extended Hands for Christ Corporation

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In May 2009, Extended Hands for Christ Corporation began feeding the homeless population of Atlanta, Georgia. Each week La’Von, Lucille, and other volunteers prepared nutritional meals, and drove around Atlanta passing out food to those in need. Our primary focus is on those individuals that are unable to seek shelter for various reasons. We feed individuals that are located on Piedmont Avenue, Courtland Street (Georgia State University Park), Auburn Avenue (under the bridge), Pine Street (by the shelter), and down under the bridge near Grady Hospital. On a weekly basis we provide at least fifty individuals with meals. Over the span of three years we have been able to feed over four thousand individuals. During the Christmas of 2011, we gave out Christmas gifts to one hundred individuals, ranging from sweatshirts, socks, shirts, scarves, hoods and food. Since 2009, Lucille and La’Von have funded this project solely on their own contributions.